10 special abilities of Smartphone

10 Special Abilities
of Smartphone

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The transformation of the smartphone is innocent.

No matter where you go or what you do, your smartphone is always with us. We use the internet with a smartphone, play games with a smartphone, and messenger with a smartphone.

But is this the only ability of a smartphone?

A smartphone is a state-of-the-art device made up of many sensors. The action that smartphone displays the phrase “Restricts play due to fast moving speed” or that turn off the display when you take your smartphone to your ear for a call are worked all as sensors on your smartphone.

And another fact. There are many types of sensors that make up smartphones. The smartphone is composed of image sensor and light sensor of the camera that replaces the human eye, GPS that tells the exact location of the user, and acceleration sensor to recognize how fast the vehicle is moving.

By installing a variety of apps that take advantage of the various sensors on your smartphone, you can add a little more functionality to your smartphone that you use on a daily basis. Naturally, complicated and difficult settings are not necessary. Just find the app you need and just install it. So I looked for a special smartphone app that I might need at least once.

10 special abilities of Smartphone

Best Special Abilities App

1. Noise Measuring

The noise measuring app uses a microphone on your smartphone to show ambient noise in decibels. And because it tells you the noise level according to decibels, it is an app that can be useful depending on the situation.

2. Metal detector

The Metal Detector app utilizes a magnetic sensor on your smartphone to detect metals. The magnetic field is measured by a magnetic sensor. If the magnetic field is higher than the natural magnetic field of 49 μT, it judge that there is metal around the magnetic field.

When you turn on the app and bring it close to your computer, you’ll see the magnetic field soar to over 100μT. If you are looking for a wire in a wall or a pipe in the ground, or if you are curious about magnetic field readings from electronics such as TVs, PCs, microwaves, you can use this app.

3. Seismometer

Seismic apps use acceleration sensors on smartphones. The seismic app uses an accelerometer to measure the relative level of the response, and it shows the magnitude of the earthquake with the MMI (Modified Mercurian intensity) rank.

However, the intensity of an earthquake is usually expressed as a richter scale that measures absolute energy. Therefore, Seismometer app is recommended for reference only.

4. Thread pitch meter

The thread pitch meter is a device used to measure the thread size in the industrial field. But what if you do not have a device or need to quickly check the screws standard? Open this screw pitch meter app and put the screws on the screen and measure.

5. Magnifying glass

The Magnifier app uses the camera’s zoom, auto focus, and LED features. If you do not have magnifying glass, I recommend installing and using this app. You can experience a distinctly different experience than simply turning on and zooming in on the camera app.

6. Distance meter

The Distance Meter app measures distance or area on a map. If you are not sure where to go, or if you are curious to see how far you need to walk to your destination, turn on this app and measure the distance to your destination.

7. Level meter

Our body senses are not accurate. If you make approximate measurements and nail a wall, it often appears that the frame is not balanced when you hang it on a wall. It’s because it’s not level. In such cases, turn on the Levels app, adjust the droplets to the center, and then hang the frame on the wall. If the frame is straight, the level is right.

8. Ruler

It’s also a good idea to use a ruler on your smartphone if you do not need to cut something. The ruler app has the ability to store measured lengths so you can keep track of the length of things. You can also easily change the units of measurement and measure them in different units.

9. Unit Currency Converter

With this unit currency converter app, you can convert all the world’s criteria such as length, capacity, weight, and exchange rate. If you need a weights and measures conversion table, turn on this app and convert it right away.

10. Flashlight

A flashlight is needed in an emergency. In industrial settings, you may need a flashlight that emits a strong light, but a flashlight from a smartphone is sufficient at home. This smartphone flash app has a built-in compass. So you can find the correct direction by illuminating the flashlight even in the dark.

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