10 Success Habits You May Have

10 Success Habits You May Have

According to Tom Corley, who studied 177 successful millionaires, successful millionaires had a common secret of success.

Here are the 10 habits of successful rich men analyzed by Tom Corley.

They are constantly reading.

The rich read a lot of books in the field of history, electric or self-development of successful people.

They exercise constantly every day.

Over 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs and also produces brain cells.

They get up early.

The rich will get up at least three hours before starting work. To cope with a sudden situation such as a long meeting, traffic jam, or taking a sick child to school.

They pursue their own goals.

Rich people are constantly passionately pursuing their own goals. Other people chase dreams, but often mistake others’ dreams for their dreams.

They have time to think alone every morning.

The rich have time to think alone for over 15 minutes each morning. There is a saying that “Thought is the key to success.”

They are polite and not rude.

The rich can write thank-you letters or take care of anniversaries such as marriage and birthdays. In addition, attention to table manners and attire appropriate to the situation, equipped with basic manners.

They have their own mentors.

A good mentor tells you the lessons of life he learned hard and teaches you what to do and what not to do.

They do not try to belong to the crowd.

Most people want to belong to an existing group. But the rich people create new groups and attract others.

They help others succeed.

Helping people who are successful, optimistic, or goal-oriented or positive is like helping my success.

They listen to feedback.

Good or bad feedback helps me grow. In particular, feedback at the beginning stage is essential.

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