2 reasons why blog service will not disappear

SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram are easy and simple to use, and many people use it. So, many people expected that the blog service would disappear because of an easy and simple SNS.

But the blog service has not disappeared and will not go away.

The reason why blogs may not disappear First, blogs can contain far more information and more variety information than SNS.

Of course, there are lots of helpful and informative information in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that we use every day. But most of the information is published by linking expert articles or news articles.

Do people on Facebook or Twitter post long posts or information like blogs?

In fact, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are more like distribution channels that distribute information. So you do not have to put a lot of information on your own.

On the other hand, blogs are not limited by the length of the article or the picture compared to the SNS. Because of this, blogs have more information and more in-depth and quality information.

However, unlike SNS, it is difficult to write regularly and it is not easy to use.

But since it’s hard to get started, will not it make you more enthusiastic once you start?

Reasons why your blog may not disappear Secondly, if you use Facebook or Twitter, you will find that it is very inconvenient to search for information. In other words, most of the information becomes a one-time information and disappears.

But blogs can be organized into thematic categories and organized, and you can easily find and search for the information you want within your blog. It is also more friendly to search engines than SNS.

Many people search on Naver or Google for information. Most of the pages that are searched when you search are blogs, cafes, news, web documents, and so on.

Among them, if you are looking for information such as nearby restaurants, reviews, etc., the information on the blog is overwhelming.

Of course, news may be more accurate or simpler than blog posts. However, when compared to blogs, the amount of information that is news is so small that there is often no information we need.

Also, in popular media such as news, It rarely deal with information about restaurants around my neighborhood.

In the case of online cafes, the information is so short that the amount of information is not sufficient and readability is low.

On the other hand, blogs are rich in information and the kinds of information are also varied. It is also fast in information and friendly to search engines.

Is not this enough to compete with SNS?

One media surveyed Koreans’ mobile app spend time. As a result, YouTube was number one. It’s a natural result.

What service was second? There are a lot of people who predicted Facebook, but Naver blog actually took over.

Facebook accounted for 15.6% and blogs accounted for 17%. Of course, YouTube has 27.6%, so the gap with 1st place is big.

Anyway, a lot of SNS came out and activated, but the blog service is still alive.

When the e-book came out, the paper book did not disappear. Likewise, blogs and social networks can coexist and grow.

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