3 prescriptions for you who feel guilty for “things to do” that you have not

Most people have an endless lists. It’s a list of things to do right away. But there are many “things to do” that are left behind for a long time.

What do you think if you look at the list that has been left unfinished? Many people say they feel shameful or guilty.

Guilt often refers to the inner feelings of something I have committed. And shame is an emotion that feels like a loser when people around me know something I did.

Some say that guilt is sometimes a force to get things done. They argue that guilt makes people more cooperative or a little help in completing things that have been put on hold. But it is also not good to feel guilty about something after you have finished your work or left your hand.

As you continue to feel guilty, your satisfaction with what you do is low. And you feel guilty even when you spend time with your friends and family and need to recharge, so you can not concentrate fully at that time.

Shame is a little different from guilt. People do not want to feel shame, so they tend not to finish something work. And after all, the shame of not completing your work makes you give up trying to finish it.

Shame is a bad feeling that makes you give up work without any measures. Like guilt, shame creates negative emotions and effects.

You feel guilt and shame because you repeat bad thoughts repeatedly. you are worried about something. And if you continue to worry, you will feel guilty and feelings of shame.

Some effort is needed to escape the guilt and shame of unnecessary worries. If you are feeling guilty or shame now, try the three methods below.

Take care of yourself.

What if someone other than me is feeling guilty and is suffering? Maybe you will give warm words of advice or advice. In other words, you must be able to communicate a word of warmth to yourself.

Take a little more of yourself. Being a little more tolerant to yourself can reduce the negative effects of guilt or shame.

Praise what you have accomplished.

When you cling to the narrowed gap between what you have achieved and what you want to achieve, you have feelings of complaint and dissatisfaction. Of course it may be a healthy desire to achieve something.

But rather than sticking to goals that can not be achieved right now, it is better to appreciate what you have accomplished so far and to praise yourself. Then you can be a little more tolerant to yourself and you can shake away the useless guilt.

Accept the situation as it is.

Accepting the situation as it is now is one of the representative ways to control your mind. The attitude of accepting the current situation as it is acknowledged is also a great help in dispelling guilt.

What you have to do and what you can not do will still exist. Regardless of your guilt. Nothing is changed by worrying.

One way is to just leave the heavy workload and the pressure. that is, you have to do not care about it anymore. If you have feelings of guilt and shame, you should concentrate on managing those feelings.

If you do not finish the heavy work properly, will you become a bad person? It is because of heavy work that you can not finish things properly. It is not because of you. Many people are self-defeating in a similar situation. But they are all the same. The reason they do not get things done well is mostly due to heavy work.

Do not waste time with unnecessary and exhausting feelings like guilt or shame. Be a little more tolerant of yourself and accept the present situation as it is. All the wrong things in the world have nothing to do with you.

This article refers to the following article.

https://hbr.org/2018/07/youre-never-going-to-be-caught-up-at-work-stop-feeling-guilty-about-it#You’re Never Going to Be “Caught Up” at Work. Stop Feeling Guilty About It.

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