3 signs to tell you when you should quit your current job

According to Liz Ryan, CEO of Human Workplace, a career consulting firm, there are three signs when the talent is not working properly or when it is time to quit.

1. Monday is very hard and hard.

If you do not want to spend the weekend and go to work on Monday, it is a sign that your job is not right for you. The symptoms are generally:

  • On Sunday evening, you feel heavy with worries.
  • It ‘s hard to get out of bed on Monday morning.

2. Your ideas at work are rejected.

If your ideas are not adopted at work and you continue to refuse, it is a signal that it is difficult to get your talent through your current job.

If you have difficulty explaining your idea to your boss, reconsider your current job. It is a waste of time to continue a work that does not have self-fulfilling and self-development.

3. There is nothing to learn from the present work.

If you work at work, you must have someone to learn and a person to help you. If you are the smartest person in the company, you may be in the wrong company.

It’s also a big problem if you can not add new skills or experiences to your resume, even if you have been in the company for over a year.

Of course, most workers may feel the above three signs often. Even though you have always felt this sign, you might have thought of it lightly or just ignored it. But from now on, you have to think about the meaning of these three signs rather than lightly.

Changing a job is never easy, but if you have a reasonable doubt that your current job or job does not fit you, would not you seriously consider your career?

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