3 things to consider before studying marketing.

The heart of business in recent years is moving to marketing. Maybe, you may have already moved. Many people are enjoying new success with their social media in their own way. At the heart of that success is marketing.

So it’s not foolish to say that the center of your business as well as your business is moving to marketing.

The fact that the center of the business is moving to marketing may mean that everyone has to study marketing.

So what do we have to think about before we study marketing?

If you have never done marketing before, it is important to know how to get started, see if there is anything to keep in mind, and how to study.

In this sense, it is not a bad choice to know the following three things first.

1. The meaning of marketing is not always the same?

There is no right answer to marketing. It’s the most ambiguous thing in the world. That’s why it may be necessary to know a little more about marketing.

marketing plan

Especially when everyone uses the term marketing, it does not mean all the same. It may be perceived differently depending on which word is put in front of the word marketing.

2. Who is suitable for marketing?

Marketers tend to think that only a handful of enthusiasts who need fierce creativity can do it.


However, in a typical enterprise, people within the scope of ‘planning’ can be seen to be directly or indirectly engaged in marketing activities.

However, if you are curious, enjoying adventure, or wanting to grow by yourself through adventure, you are more suitable for marketing.

Most people who are considered suitable for marketing also plan themselves and do their work before someone else gives it to them.

That is, those who like to be proactive and deliberate can be seen as suitable for marketing.

3. Marketers should be armed with marketing theory?

Of course, if you study many theories and examples, you can see more and gain enlightenment. Marketing can be said to be an activity to look at and think from various perspectives through the perspective of others.


But it is not necessary to be armed with marketing theory. You do not have to learn. and also there are many people who produce great results with a natural sense only.

Nevertheless, if you can learn the theory and apply it in practice, it is likely to produce better results.

because, In any field, non-experts can not win experts in the field.

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