4 kinds of self-defense items that can protect you

4 kinds of self-defense items that can protect you

The way to go home late at night after a work or dinner. In a dark alley to go home. What if someone follow you quietly?

4 kinds of self-defense items that can protect you

If you do not experienced that the anxiety and the fear, you do not know. How long it feels and how irritated it feels.

Also, if someone who does not know recently keeps calling or sending a text? We may need to be prepared for every situation with a little more aggressive attitude. Especially if you are walking in the dark at night, you should carry your self-defense item for immediate use.

If you often get to work late at night because of night work or a dinner party, we will introduce you to four self-defense items that you must carry.

4 kinds of self-defense items that can protect you


This is a self-defense item which can usually be used as smart ring. If an emergency occurs, press and hold the middle button for 3 to 5 seconds.

Button, you can send location information, recording file, and urgent message directly to 5 preset persons.

4 kinds of self-defense items that can protect you

Electronic Whistle

In an emergency situation, you can not blow your whistle with your mouth. The act of blowing the whistle can be suppressed by the opponent or stimulate the opponent.

The electronic whistle is pressed by hand without the need for a mouth. It is battery operated and has rubber grips to reduce the chance of accidental sliding.

Also, it is small in size and has good portability. In case of emergency, it is possible to notify people about the dangerous situation by ringing an alarm of 125db, which is hard for people to hold when pressed by hand.

4 kinds of self-defense items that can protect you

ZOMMWireless Leash for Mobile Phones

This is a smart wireless system with various functions.

ZOMM can make rescue requests to the police with one touch. It works with your smartphone and automatically transfers your location to your family, friends and rescue team when you are in danger.

In addition, it can be used as hands-free for automobile by using Bluetooth. And if the distance between the phone and ZOMM drops a certain distance, you can prevent the phone from lost by vibrating and ringing an emergency bell.

4 kinds of self-defense items that can protect you

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is important to have good portability. Because you can use it without permission of the police station, you can use directly in emergency situations.

Criminals who are hit by pepper spray may temporarily lose sight or feel confused and may experience severe pain. Of course, the effect is temporary, so it’s important to ask for help quickly. The range is more than 3m.

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