5 Bad Social Media Habits You Do not Know

You may be stalking without your knowing.

About 25% of men under 35 visit their ex-girlfriend’s social media profile once a month. Among young women, 20% said they would do this.

Stalking is a terrible crime to those who are stalked. If someone is stalking me, it’s a good idea to take a little more aggressive action.

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Dangerous situations may require blowing a whistle or requiring a pepper spray. This active action can give you time to ask someone else for help.

You may be posting insignificant posts to attract attention.

25% of adults between the ages of 18 and 35 continue to make meaningless updates, or intentionally posting vague updates to get your friends to answer.

If you want to get someone’s attention, it’s much better to periodically update posts that give you more information than a meaningless post.

You can be a spoiler for TV shows or the latest movies.

36% of social media users over age 35 post spoiler posts on TV or movies to Facebook.

People are not enthusiastic about sharing the content of the latest movies. It is more effective to provide small, hearty information.

You can be a political commentator who is offensive to others.

35% of social media users see posts with political views at least once a month. 10% of them have been unfollowed because of posts with political opinions.

You can be a violent person to someone.

One in 10 people using social media mock someone by posting sports-related posts. This is especially the reason why 18-35 year-old men change violently.

This post is based on five bad social media habits selected by My Life, a social networking profile management board surveyed by 890 adults.

This article refers to the following article.

https://www.mylife.com/#My Life

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