5 Smart Working Apps for Starter Marketers

In most cases, it is important for novice marketers to work efficiently by reducing the waste of work and increasing focus. He will not used to work, and maybe he have a lot of work to do.

So I looked for smart working apps that novice marketers needed. Of course, I also use some apps below.

source: google play

1. Evernote, smart document management

What are the basic skills of marketers? I think it is the ability to make various documents such as proposal books and reports. Evernote is an application optimized for simple memo and document work for organizing data.

It can be used on desktop as well as mobile, so you can conveniently store and check your ideas and materials anytime, anywhere.

source: wunderlist.com

2. Wunderlist, detailed scheduling

Marketers basically perform a variety of tasks at the same time. It mainly deals with strategic planning, advertising, and content production. It is important to keep your ‘priority’ as you have to do a lot of work at the same time.

With Wunderlist, you can set the importance of work and create detailed run lists to manage your work efficiently. You can also add colleagues to your to-do list and send and receive comments, which is essential for marketers where collaboration is an important task.

source: google play

3. Workflowy, systematically organizing thoughts

Brainstorming is essential to find the best ideas for solving your marketing and advertising strategies. Therefore, it is a necessary process to organize the process of freely talking and drawing ideas and making them visible at a glance.

Workflowy allows you to organize your ideas with a vertical table of contents, so you can keep track of your overall flow or continue to expand on a single topic so you can easily manage your projects.

source: rememberapp.co.kr

4. REMEMBER, Convenient Business Card Management

Marketers will meet a variety of people. When you exchange your business cards, you may have experienced the difficulties in managing related people. In this case, you can easily manage your business card with REMEMBER.

When you shot a business card with REMEMBER, information such as company name, phone number, e-mail address, and scarf are automatically stored in the app. Because it is stored as text, you can easily find the business card information and automatically update the latest business card information between REMEMBER members.

source: google play

5. IFTTT, convenient app management

IFTTT is an app that allows you to set up various online and mobile services to work automatically when conditions are met. You can specify the desired action through the applet settings.

For example, if you set ‘Automatically back up your photos on Facebook to your NAS device’, it will automatically back up your photos on Facebook to your NAS device.

Early users have created features such as ‘Let me know when it’s raining,’ and ‘Automatically post pictures on Flickr to Facebook’, and now there are more than 54 million recipes.

The recipe mean various combinations of condition/task execution and you can download free on the IFTTT website.

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