7 things you need to know to learn marketing.

Marketing should be thoroughly like “marketing” in a way to learn. If you have decided to study marketing, it would be helpful to see the case through theory and to train it to infer the theory through case studies.

If you are a good marketer, you should be able to understand your business ecosystem and understand the flow of value within a given structure or system.

1. Identify the essence.

marketing study

Where is the essence of business? The essence of the business is the customer. And the key to marketing is building a strategy for how to engage and engage customers through business activities.

2. Learn the basic theories first.

marketing study

Many people look at practical books to learn marketing quickly and easily. However, marketing techniques and tools created from a practical point of view can change at any time. The important thing is the basic knowledge to understand the cause of the change.

If you have studied the basics of marketing philosophy and theories, you can use your strategy in a wider perspective by identifying the cause of the change in marketing trends and establishing your own perspective.

3. Learn in order.

If you can make your own theoretical compilation through the theories, next step is better to study based on the latest psychology.

If you want to study marketing techniques and skills, it is good to study planning related books and communication related books or behavioral / cognitive psychology books together.

4. Have industrial characteristics.

marketing study

There is a limit to learning comprehensive theories as a non-professional. If you are not a professional, but have decided to go into marketing, you should focus on understanding the characteristics of your industry or your business.

your organization, how much customer relationship you can maintain in the future, and what kind of effort is needed to do so.

5. Do not be fooled by the latest trends.

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In the marketing industry, trends change very quickly because the nature of the business of marketing is creating a leading position in the industry.

But marketers do not necessarily know the latest trends.

Because the business area and personality of the business, the marketing channel and the technique according to the brand are already optimized by the customer. Above all else, it’s important that customers make the final decision. Marketers should not try to lead or manipulate customers.

6. Marketing is always changing.

Marketing is a field that is closely followed by ‘customer and market changes’. That’s why the market is changing very much. The today correct answer may not be the tomorrow correct answer. You have to think that marketing is always changing.

The answer can always be found in “customers” or “markets”. Because of this, marketers must always think that shift their positions with customer and practice altruistic thinking. In other words, it is beyond the understanding of the customer or the market, and it can try to becomes the customer’s position to lead “empathy”.

7. Please choose the right mentor.

marketing study

It is a great way to meet someone who is doing the marketing I want to do or to meet the author who wrote the related book. If you can meet people who are more professional and knowledgeable than me and you can listen to their opinions and thoughts, you must take that opportunity.

If you have the opportunity to learn only the person’s know-how and knowledge that was not known through the book, you must learn it. That short moment will allow us to grow bigger in the future.

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