8 things you should check if you do business at Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com in the alibaba group has more than 100 million members. Alibaba.com is the largest B2B market in the world and has a total of 2 million online shops in 40 categories.


And alibaba.com supports 15 languages and serves as a platform to meet buyers from all over the world. If you are an individual business or small business with export in mind, Alibaba.com is a ‘land of opportunity’.

How do you successfully run a business in this vast ‘land of opportunity’? Let’s check the following 8 things.

Display to the top of Alibaba.com’s product list

In order for your products to be at the top of the list at Alibaba.com, you have to fill all the product information required by Alibaba.com. This is basic. In addition, the following items are checked to determine the product display ranking.

  • The number of sign-in days for product sellers who recorded a high score for the posting score
  • Reply rate on inquiry
  • The latest in information
  • Product views number
  • Clicks and CTR(Click-Through Rate)
  • Keyword Ads

When you post information about a product, you need to repeat the keyword to some extent. In other words, Alibaba.com, like Google, determines the display ranking centered on text. It is a good idea to repeat keywords at least 5 times in the product description.

What keywords will buyers search for?

Let’s create a list of expected keywords that buyers can search for. And make a product page based on it.

But even with the same product, the keywords will vary depending on the market. For example, if you want to sell a sunscreen with a whitening function to a Southeast Asian buyer, it is advantageous to include as many similar words as ‘whitening’, ‘brightening’, ‘shining’, etc.

Let’s choice various categories if they are related categories.

If you choose only one category that fits with the goods you sell, You are not yet an expert. If you have a little connection with the products you sell, choice them as many categories as possible.

The video is unconditionally good.

Content that is difficult to explain with text is often solved in 10-second video. How to use the product, how to assemble, repair methods, etc. Please upload.

It does not matter whether it is a video taken with a mobile phone camera or a cheap digital camera. Editing is difficult? Then you do not have to edit. Just upload.

It is important to steadily raise the video even if the video length is short. It is much better to have a video than no video.

If the inquiry comes to the buyer, respond quickly.

If the buyer does not respond within 24 hours of the inquiry, Alibaba.com will lower the display rank of the product. If the inquiry comes, you should respond promptly even with short text.

Use a paid account.

Alibaba.com is available as a free account. However, you can only get up to 50 items and you can not check individual inquiries from customers.

The worst thing is that the search results show that the products in the paid account come before the products in the free account. So your items will only appear on the list after 100 pages.

Alibaba.com’s paid membership ‘Gold Supplier’ starts at $ 2,999 per year. Although the cost may be somewhat burdensome, it is better to use a paid account to do business properly on Alibaba.

Make positive use of mobile.

According to Ruby Xu, manager of Alibaba, Alibaba.com has already surpassed PC visitors by mobile visitors. Of course, the number of PC visitors to Alibaba.com will never exceed the number of mobile visitors in the future too.

Watch out for cheaters.

Alibaba.com has a lot of business opportunities, but there are many cheaters too. It is the only way to be careful and careful.

You may be hacked, so even if you want to prevent hacking, let your phone be authenticated on your Alibaba.com account. If you authenticate your phone, you will need to authenticate your phone if you try to sign in from a different computer than your primary computer.

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