A good company and a stupid company

I have been working as an IT freelancer for over 10 years and have had a chance to work with various clients. Working freelance, I feel that co-work with clients is a very important factor.

When Cowork worked with a good client, the results were often good. Of course there are various hurdles and difficulties in the middle of the project. However, whatever the intermediate process, if the output is good, the project can be successfully completed.

In order to produce good results, the project must be carried out in a proper direction. Even if you only set exactly the goal you want to reach, your results are mostly good.

Sometimes I had a job once but I have a memorable client. They have different attitudes toward work or the way they work.

In other words, they are people who “make things possible”.

Whatever the start, whatever the intermediate process, they proceed as set goals. Whether they go straight ahead or turn away and reach there, they strive to achieve the set goals.

On the other hand, some people consider their position more important than pushing for work. They boast that it is only what I did when the results are good. If the results are not good, they will blame others, except himself.

Unfortunately, most of these people have a major role in the company.

In companies that work well can learn attitudes and manners about work.

Conversely, in companies that do not work well can learn about things that I should be careful of.

There are things you can learn not only in a company that works well but also in companies that do not work well.

It is strange to find something to learn from a company that works not well. But anyway, I’m doing my best as freelance and I have to make work possible that the project I’m working on is going to work.

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