A man doing sit-ups 3,000 times a day

World football star Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) was born on February 5, 1985 and is now 33 years old. But according to British daily “Mirror”, Ronaldo ‘s athletic ability is similar to 20 years old.

This was the result of a medical test conducted by the Juventus club on July 16th, with some remarkable results in key indicators such as muscle mass, power, speed of response and fatigue recovery.


Ronaldo is said to maintain a 7% body fat level through continuous and intense strength training. For reference, the body fat amount of a professional bodybuilder is 3 ~ 5% and the average body fat amount of a professional soccer player is 10%.

Ronaldo’s focus on the strength of the move came after he moved to Manchester United in 2003 and felt the need for strength to withstand a tough struggle.

Since then, he has started his high intensity weight training and moved to Real Madrid in 2009. Since then he has been doing sit-ups 3000 times and 1000 push-ups everyday. Especially he has been concentrating on core muscles to balance his body, I raised it.


The overhead kick he showed in Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League last April was the best scene of his physical ability. At the time, Ronaldo’s foot height was 2m and 38cm, nearly equal to the height of the crossbar of the football stadium, 2m 44cm.

Ronaldo is also known for its thorough diet control. If you think about Ronaldo, it is reminiscent of luxury cars such as sports cars, big, colorful houses and parties, and beautiful girlfriends. But he says he never eats alcohol, tobacco, soda, coffee, etc., And he only eats salads and chicken breasts with little salt.

He also stick to long-sleeved T-shirts in very hot summers to help him relax his muscles when he play soccer.


The British newspaper ‘Mirror’ reports on Ronaldo, who shows his remarkable physical ability through thorough self-management. “£ 115 million paid by Juventus to bring Ronaldo is never expensive.”

In addition, KPMG, a global company in the field of accounting and consulting, predicted Ronaldo’s total revenue worth € 500 million in the club during his four-year contract with Juventus. In terms of the Juventus club, they have invested enough in profits, with the exception of the € 340 million total cost to be paid, including taxes.


The person who has made a remarkable achievement has his own special efforts. Ronaldo himself proved that it is not all that is visible.

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