A very simple and effective way to increase your memory

Eye Contact!

Talking to see each other’s eyes is said to have the effect of increasing the memory.

Especially when two people are talking to each other, It is recognized as important information.

If you are a poster designer, you can make them remember what you want to make memory remember longer that with a simple way that faces the person in the poster and the eye of the viewer.

eye contact posters!

So, if you are talk to someone, It’d be better that you look into his eyes and talking.

If you want to make him remember message, it’s not a good idea to send a message by email.

According to the results of a joint study between the University of Paris in France and the University of Tampere in Finland, It is said that the act of looking each other makes you think about yourself which is reflected to others.

In other words, you will recognize your own image of yourself, reduce antisocial behavior, and act pro-social and altruistic.

Through this cognitive process, we are better able to remember the information the other party gives.

Said Professor Lawrence Conti at the University of Paris:

“Looking into each other’s eyes makes people more aware of their actions, and this process has a profound impact on memory, decision-making, and perception.”


Avoiding the other person’s gaze may not only make feel you as beta boy, but also may not remember your conversation properly.

According to the Korean job portal, ‘Saramin’, It was ‘gaze avoidance’ that the most person in charge of the personnel of the company pointed out a habit of giving a deduction or disadvantage.

Perhaps ‘behaving to look each other and talk’ may be the most useful technique in our lives.

Maybe you can get a good feeling, If you talk to your opponent looking into each other eyes.

a beautiful girl

Anyway, if you look into your opponent eyes and talk earnestly, In a short amount of time, you will be remembered as a good person in that person’s memory.

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