Android Intent: Standard Activity Action

Activity Action is an attribute that specifies how to run an activity. These actions can be set on the intent object of the startActivity(Intent) method used to execute the activity.

  • ACTION_MAIN: Action specifying start activity
  • ACTION_VIEW: Action to show the data to the user
  • ACTION_ATTACH_DATA: An action indicating that the data has been attached
  • ACTION_EDIT: Action requesting data modification
  • ACTION_PICK: Action to select what you want from the data
  • ACTION_CHOOSER: Action showing the activity selection screen
  • ACTION_GET_CONTENT: Action that returns the data selected by the user
  • ACTION_DIAL: Aaction that calls a phone dial activity
  • ACTION_CALL: Action to call
  • ACTION_SEND: Action to transfer data
  • ACTION_SENDTO: Action to transfer data to the specified location
  • ACTION_ANSWER: Action to handle incoming call
  • ACTION_INSERT: Action to insert an item into the given container
  • ACTION_DELETE: Action to delete data from the given container
  • ACTION_RUN: The action that executes the data
  • ACTION_SYNC: Action to perform data synchronization
  • ACTION_PICK_ACTIVITY: Action to pick an activity
  • ACTION_SEARCH: Action to perform the search
  • ACTION_WEB_SEARCH: Action to perform web search
  • ACTION_FACTORY_TEST: Action to indicate the factory test

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