Android Intent: Standard additional data

The list below is a list of fields that can be used as additional data. Used with the putExtra (String, Bundle) method.

  • EXTRA_ALARM_COUNT: Number of alarms used by the AlarmManager
  • EXTRA_BCC: Bcc list of emails
  • EXTRA_CC: Reference list of emails
  • EXTRA_DATA_REMOVED: Boolean value indicating whether all data is removed (used in ACTION_PACKAGE_REMOVED)
  • EXTRA_DOCK_STATE: Data used to request the state of the cradle(used in ACTION_DOCK_EVENT)
  • EXTRA_DOCK_STATE_HE_DESK: Numeric value indicating whether the cradle is digital
  • EXTRA_DOCK_STATE_LE_DESK: Numeric value indicating whether the cradle is analog
  • EXTRA_DOCK_STATE_CAR: A numeric value indicating whether the cradle is for a vehicle
  • EXTRA_DOCK_STATE_DESK: A numeric value indicating whether the cradle is for a desk
  • EXTRA_DOCK_STATE_UNDOCKED: A numeric value indicating that the device is not in the cradle.
  • EXTRA_DONT_KILL_APP: Extra Boolean value used by ACTION_PACKAGE_REMOVED or ACTION_PACKAGE_CHANGED to override the default action to restart the application.
  • EXTRA_EMAIL: Email address to send
  • EXTRA_INTENT: Intent information for ACTION_PICK_ACTIVITY
  • EXTRA_KEY_EVENT: KeyEvent object representing event information to be invoked by the intent
  • EXTRA_PHONE_NUMBER: phone number to save for phone action
  • EXTRA_REMOTE_INTENT_TOKEN: Additional information for remote intents
  • EXTRA_REPLACING: The boolean value that the package uses for ACTION_PACKAGE_REMOVED to signal the replacement.
  • EXTRA_SHORTCUT_ICON: Bitmap name to use for the shortcut icon
  • EXTRA_SHORTCUT_ICON_RESOURCE: The resource name to use for the shortcut icon
  • EXTRA_SHORTCUT_INTENT: Name representing the shortcut icon
  • EXTRA_STREAM: A stream that can be used with ACTION_SEND
  • EXTRA_SHORTCUT_NAME: Name that defines the shortcut icon name
  • EXTRA_SUBJECT: message subject
  • EXTRA_TEMPLATE: Initial data used with ACTION_INSERT
  • EXTRA_TEXT: String used with ACTION_SEND
  • EXTRA_TITLE: Dialog title used by ACTION_CHOOSER
  • EXTRA_UID: ID of package used with ACTION_UID_REMOVED

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