Android Intent: Standard Categories

A category is an attribute that specifies classification information about an intent target. You can add it with the addCategory(String) method, and you can specify the target you want by specifying the category.

  • CATEGORY_DEFAULT: Most basic Activity
  • CATEGORY_BROWSABLE: Activity that allow you to browse the web
  • CATEGORY_TAB: Specify tabs used within TabActivity
  • CATEGORY_ALTERNATIVE: Alternate action for data that the user is currently viewing
  • CATEGORY_SELECTED_ALTERNATIVE: Alternate action for the data currently selected by the user
  • CATEGORY_LAUNCHER: The first activity in the application
  • CATEGORY_INFO: Specify an activity that provides information about the package.
  • CATEGORY_HOME: Specify the first activity to run
  • CATEGORY_PREFERENCE: Preference activity
  • CATEGORY_TEST: Specify when to use as test
  • CATEGORY_CAR_DOCK: Specifies the activity that will be called when the device is mounted on the car dock
  • CATEGORY_DESK_DOCK: Specifies the activity to be called when the device is mounted on a desk stand
  • CATEGORY_CAR_MODE: Specify the activities available in the vehicle

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