Android: Type of Activity

Activities are the most utilized components of Android components. However, because the Activity class provides only basic functionality, there is a lot of inconvenience to write a lot of code that is similar when configuring screens using tabs or list views.

↳ android.content.Context
↳ android.content.ContextWrapper
↳ android.view.ContextThemeWrapper

Known Direct Subclasses

  • AccountAuthenticatorActivity
  • ActivityGroup
  • AliasActivity
  • ExpandableListActivity
  • FragmentActivity
  • ListActivity
  • NativeActivity
  • TestActivity

Known Indirect Subclasses

  • ActionBarActivity
  • AppCompatActivity
  • LauncherActivity
  • PreferenceActivity
  • TabActivity

You can make your screen configuration easier by using Activity classes that are specific to certain functions. The usage is very similar, so if you use one or two you can easily use other Activities.

In other words, it is not necessary to learn all the Activities one by one, and it is important to get acquainted with the characteristics of the main Activities.

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