Fairy tales for adults – precious things I have

A middle-aged man came to Pastor Norman Vincent Peale one day to ask him for counseling. The dejected man told Pastor Norman Vincent Peale.

“Pastor, I have been doing business for a lifetime, and the business that I have worked hard and has succeeded has suddenly failed. I lost everything in my life. I have nothing now. How should I and my family live in the future?”

Norman Vincent Peale asked the man after taking out the paper and pen.

“You lost everything? So, is there a wife?”

The man answered.

“Yes. She is a loving and good wife who always trusts and take care of me.”

Pastor Norman Vincent Peale wrote on the paper that ‘wonderful wife’ and then asked the man again.

“Do you have children?”

The man answered again.

“Yes, there are three nice and cute kids who always laugh. So my heart is hurting.”

Pastor Norman Vincent Peale wrote on the paper, ‘Three nice, sweet little kids.’ And once again asked the man.

“Do you have any precious friends?”

The man answered.

“Yes, there are good and honest friends that everybody envies.”

The pastor wrote ‘good friends’ on paper and finally asked the man.

“Are you healthy?”

The man confidently answered the pastor’s question.

“Yes, I am healthy. It is very good.”

The pastor again wrote ‘Healthy Body’ on paper. The man who was watching the pastor’s actions told the pastor.

“Pastor, now I have lost everything, I need advice on this situation, what should I do?”

Pastor Norman Vincent Peale listened to the man and wrote the following headings on the top of the list paper.

‘The precious things that have lost everything but still have’

The man stared silently at the title and the list on the paper and said out loud.

“Thank you very much. I thought I lost everything. But I still have some precious things! I think I can stand up again for these precious things I have.”

Sometimes we forget the importance of what we have. And sometimes I feel that we lack what we have.

Looking at the successful people around you, you think your life is a failure. But once again, when we think about the precious things around us, there are still precious and precious things for us.

Those precious things that we have not realized sometimes become the hope of life and become the spark of passion that makes us stand up again.

If you think that your life is a mess, take out the paper and write your thoughts on your own. You’ll find that there are still a lot of precious and precious things in your life.

“Make hope a habit. When hope becomes a habit, you can have a happy soul forever.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peel, known as the founder of Positive Thinking, is an American motivation speaker. In his childhood, he had to grow in a terrible sense of inferiority, but he developed himself with a positive mind. Since then, Norman Vincent Peale has worked as a pastor for 60 years and has offered a way to live a successful life for those in despair.

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