Have you tried using a cooler circulator than a fan?

air circulator
source: vornado.com

Circulator? What is different from a fan?

The circulator is the abbreviated name for ‘air circulator’. The air circulator actually has a different purpose than the fan. Unlike a fan that simply creates cold winds, the air circulator acts as a kind of air circulator that mixes the air evenly.

The purpose of the air circulator is to evenly mix the high-temperature air on the ceiling and the low-temperature air on the floor to eliminate the temperature difference in the room.

The air circulator is powered by the jet engine technology of the aircraft, generating a powerful whirlwind that can blow air straight into the air more than 20 meters away.

“Lower the room temperature by two to three degrees below the set temperature of the air conditioner.”

In the summer, electricity costs are so heavy that we do not use air conditioners very well. But hot summer coming every year can not be overcome with only fan.

The air circulator that circulates the air can be used with the air conditioner to achieve the best efficiency. Using both an air conditioner and an air circulator can reduce the room temperature by about 2 ~ 3℃ lower than the set temperature of the air conditioner.

air circulator
source: vornado.com

Of course, even without an air conditioner, you can play a role of a fan in a small space. However, there is a difference from the fan.

The fan has the open space around its wings to create a cool breeze. The air circulator, on the other hand, is designed to be as close to the ground as possible. That is, it is a structure to send away the low-temperature floor air to create a strong wind in order to mix it with the high-temperature ceiling air.

“Instead of an electric fan, Air Circulator”

Air circulators have the advantage that they occupy much less space than electric fans. Therefore, there is no inconvenience to use even if it is placed in a narrow room or under a desk or in the middle of a room. Even though it has a strong power to send wind farther than a fan, there is much less electric cost.

air circulator

Reliable air circulator ‘VORNADO’

VORNADO was the first company to develop an air circulator. It was made by applying aerodynamic technology of jet engine and propeller of aircraft. It is located in Kansas, USA and has a history of about 70 years.

air circulator

Take advantage of the air circulator.

Spring & Fall

In spring and autumn, air circulators can be used in windows, porches, verandas, kitchens, etc. to quickly ventilate and maintain fresh air.


In the summer, use both air conditioning and an air circulator. The air-conditioned air is evenly mixed to keep the indoor temperature uniform. You can also see the dehumidifying effect by circulating humid air.


In winter, use a heater and an air circulator together. The whole temperature of the room is maintained uniformly, so the proper temperature can be maintained up to the corner, and energy savings and heating cost savings can be seen.

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