How can the passion for ‘the one thing’ be the basis of success?

the one thing

Companies with remarkable success have a common trait. It was a ‘single’ product or service. That is, it was a “single” product or “single” service that made the most money for companies.

KFC, which we already know, has succeeded in a single chicken recipe. Coors, one of America’s leading beer companies, had a phenomenal growth of 1,500% from 1947 to 1967 in a single brewery.

Intel has become one of the best IT companies with a single microprocessor, and Starbucks is bringing exceptional results to the one service they can offer. For the first time, Microsoft created a single operating system for personal computers, making computer users around the world their customers, and Google is gaining huge advertising revenue with just one powerful search service.

That is, the ‘single’ product or the ‘single’ service, has become a driving force in each area to achieve remarkable achievement.

Of course, even if you become the best company through one product or service, you will meet the moment when you have to change or evolve your own ‘the one thing’. Generally, technology innovation, cultural change, and intensified competition can be the cause.

There are many companies that have had the best products or services that can be expressed as ‘the one thing’, but now they have disappeared. On the other hand, Apple is always at the forefront of change and innovation, while maintaining its own ‘the one thing’.

Apple has always had its own ‘the one thing’, but it’s not always the same product or service. Apple’s “the one thing” is not simply a product or service.

It was their ‘belief’ that Apple had. Apple has created a Mac with its own beliefs and has constantly changed from Mac to iMac, from iMac to iTunes, from iTunes to iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Why was Apple believing that their “the one thing” was their belief? Perhaps it was Steve Jobs’ stubborn stubbornness. Anyway, like Apple, when companies have their own ‘the one thing’, they can look at the business they are in or their business in a completely different way.

So what is the one thing that can bring me the greatest success?

Of course, the answer to the question is not always obvious. But finding the answer is very important. Perhaps finding out the answer might be the ‘the one thing’ I have to do.

What about those who have had great success? You can also find an intense passion for ‘the one thing’ in them.

Pat Mathews, the great impressionist painter of the United States, painted a picture each day. He tried to paint every day and that passion changed into technique. And finally, the technique became his job.

The most successful travel guide in Italy, Angelo Amorico wanted to share her passion for his country with others. So he constantly cultivated his skills and it became a business. And the business that started with the passion for his country was a great success.

Every remarkable success story in the world always includes the word ‘passion’.

The passion for something leads to enormous amounts of practice and effort, and as time is spent, the passion turns into technique. The more time you spend enthusiastically, the better your technique. And when it’s the best technology, it brings ‘success.’

When you work with ‘passion’, positive things happen. When you focus on something enthusiastically, you get a slightly better result, and you feel excited and happy because of the result. Then you invest more passion and time again, and this process repeats and you get excellent results.

Finding a “the one thing” that I can challenge with passion and applying it to my life will be the wisest thing I can do for success.

There are always countless choices for us. How can we make the best decision and do not regret?

Obviously, what we need to start now is to focus on the ‘the one thing’. That “the one thing” will be the starting point for outstanding success.

This article has read and wrote “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results”.

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