How does the algorithm in the Instagram work?

In July 2016, Instagram used reverse posting to show the most recent post first. Now, instagram are using algorithms to arrange the order of posts.

According to Instagram, users did not see about 70% of the total posts and 50% of their friends posts before changing the arrangement of posts.

Some users were opposed to this when the Instagram was replaced with an array of posts via algorithms. Eventually, however, the algorithm changed, allowing more than 90% of the posts posted by friends to be seen and more time spent in the instagram.

The criteria by which the Instagram adjusts the order of posts

Instagrams provide customized feeds to all users through machine learning that analyzes users’ past usage patterns. This means that if two users follow the same account but still see different usage patterns, they will receive different customized feeds.

There are three most important criteria that determine the order in which posts appear in an Instagram.

  • Interest

    Analyze behaviors your users have shown when viewing similar content in the past to determine what interests you and then prioritize which posts best fit your interests.

  • Recency

    Recent posts will take precedence over old posts.

  • Relationship

    Instagram prioritize posts from people who are familiar with you. The judgment of intimacy is judged by looking at the history of comments on past posts, the number tagged in photos, and so on.

And, there are also three additional criteria that affect the order in which posts are arranged.

  • Frequency

    Instagrams give priority to what users most likely to like from posts posted since the last time a user visited. Therefore, it considers how often the user uses the Instagram.

  • Following

    If the user is following many people, the Instagram should choose from more posts. So you can see fewer posts from specific people.

  • Usage

    Usage time, such as whether users see only the most relevant posts in a short period of time, or how long they stay and see many posts, also affect the placement of posts.

Instagram Response to Post Algorithm

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about how your posts are arranged.

  • In order to determine the order of posts, we do not give any particular priority to either photos or videos. However, if you prefer either one of them, you can arrange the format in preference.
  • Instagram feed do not discriminate against users who use Story, Live, or other specific features of an Instagram.
  • Instagrams do not penalize users who post too often or perform certain actions. However, if a user posts a number of posts several times at short intervals, you can put other posts between them.
  • Instagrams do not deliberately more often reveal posts from either an individual user or a business user. So it’s no use to switch accounts to expose more people to your posts.
  • In instagram, There is no Shadowbanning that hides or only slightly exposes the user’s posts without your knowledge. Instagrams do not hide the post even if the user adds many hashtags to the post.

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