How Starbucks makes us a regular customer

According to Recode, Starbucks’ mobile payment service subscribers exceeded Apple’s subscriber base. How could Starbucks mobile subscribers be able to exceed Apple’s subscriber base?

Starbucks makes marketing very clever by using personal data. And we becomes a regular customer of Starbucks at some point.

How is this possible? So, I have outlined the process of becoming a regular customer of Starbucks.

First, You buy a Starbucks prepaid card. If you pre-order by mobile, you do not have to wait long. A few days later, you will receive a free beverage coupon with the title below.

“Get a free taste of Gold level”

You take this coupon and go to Starbucks store. And order the most expensive drinks. If you are trying to order in Grande Size, Employee recommend you to order it as a venti size. it’s free anyway. In the end, you order a biggest size of beverage for free and you think about something.

“I earn two stars each time I use one dollar, and I get one free drink coupon each time I collect 125 stars at the gold level. um.. I’ll spend about $ 60. Then the beverage is about $ 6 and you can earn 10% of the price”

However, to be Gold level, you must collect 300 stars. And the coffee you sell at McDonald ‘s is cheaper. So Starbucks is still used occasionally. However, after about two weeks, You receive promotional advertisements with the following titles.

“Sprinting toward Stars”

If you drink 2 glasses for a week, give 25 stars, and if you drink 3 glasses, give 100 stars as a bonus. And if you drink three glasses of Grande Lattes, you can drink venti size of frappuccino for free. You will eventually visit Starbucks three times during the week due to the promotional advertising.

Then you will get a promotion called “Menu Challenge”. For a week, if you drink three Latte, Frappuccino and Teavana Tea, give 125 stars. Two of them are often drinks, but one is not. But it is said to give 125 stars. So you will try it out as a test. Eventually you will order a tea drink that you did not drink usually.

If you continue to buy drinks as far as promotions, you will be at the gold level. Then, if you drink one drink for a week, give 20 stars, and if you drink 3, give 50 stars. And if you drink 4 cups, you can get 75 stars as a bonus.

Now you have become a habit to stop at Starbucks every day. Then he says he will give me 75 stars if you drink 3 beverage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At first, it is annoying to go out on weekends.

But if you get the same promotions every weekend, you will eventually get out. But Starbucks does not stop here.

Starbucks also tempt you to have starbucks lunch set. And if you drink 3 glasses a week, you can get 150 stars. However, unlike now, the condition of “purchase time” is attached.

In other words, you have to buy drinks after 2:00 pm. Starbucks try to seduce you to drink a cup of tea in a lazy and sleepy afternoon. If you take the Starbucks proposal up to this point steadily, you will also be on Starbucks on your way from time to time.

So now Starbucks says that if you drink 7 cups a week, you will get 75 stars, and if you drink 10 cups, you will get 175. Finally, you go to Starbucks on weekends. In addition, at least three days on weekdays will go to Starbucks on commute.

We will eventually become Starbucks customers, and Starbucks will constantly tempt us.

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