In order to make a nice body, we should combine anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise.

How many kinds of exercise do modern people have? There are probably hundreds of them. However, movement can be divided into two types by the type of energy supply.

Anaerobic Exercise & Aerobic Exercise

‘Anaerobic exercise’ and ‘aerobic exercise’.

It is very important to properly combine the anaerobic exercise and the aerobic exercise in the weight training for making the body. Especially for the best exercise effect, you have to do two exercises.

Aerobic exercise uses oxygen to produce energy through oxidative action, and this energy is supplied to muscles. Anaerobic exercise is an exercise that produces energy through the glycogen reaction in muscles and supplies it to the muscles regardless of the oxidative action.

Anaerobic Exercise & Aerobic Exercise

Weight training is actually a representative form of anaerobic exercise. It is a movement that uses your own weight, or uses a dumbbell or a barbell for a short period of time, about one minute. Typical forms of ‘aerobic exercise’ include running, biking, swimming, etc., which last for a relatively long period of time of 20 minutes or more.

Anaerobic exercises such as weight training develop muscle strength, muscular endurance, power, and ability to generate power and increase the amount of muscle. ‘Aerobic exercise’ such as running develops cardiopulmonary capacity, muscular endurance and naturally dissolves body fat in the process of metabolizing energy.

In other words, through ‘anaerobic exercise’, muscles are increased and ‘aerobic exercise’ reduces body fat, so physical development can be balanced. It is especially important to distribute the two methods appropriately according to your body type. If you are a fat body, you should spend more time and effort on ‘aerobic exercise’ than ‘anaerobic exercise’. If you are skinny, you should spend more time and effort on anaerobic exercise.

Whether it is a fat body or a skinny body, it is much better to combine both forms than just doing an anaerobic exercise or an aerobic exercise.

Anaerobic Exercise & Aerobic Exercise

It is important to have at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. After five minutes of aerobic exercise, the required amount of oxygen is equal to the amount of oxygen supplied, which is then supplied with oxygen to generate energy.

If we look more closely at the process, the early few minutes of aerobic exercise will use the stored glycogen in our muscles to gain energy, but after that we will use glucose in the blood to generate a lot of energy, The proportion of fat in the calories consumed will increase gradually. Repeat this process will reduce body fat. In other words, the free fatty acids in the fat tissue are melted, the blood is taken to the muscles and used as an energy source is repeated, and the body fat is reduced.

Anaerobic Exercise & Aerobic Exercise

Unlike ‘anaerobic exercise’, ‘aerobic exercise’ is necessary to exercise for a long time to reduce body fat. Continue exercising for at least 20 minutes to fully enjoy the benefits you expect.

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