No-one is unsafe crime, stalking

In Korea, ‘stalking’ is a very light misdemeanor. However, there are many cruel and terrible cases of stalking that should be classified as violent crime.

No-one is unsafe crime, stalking

YouTube <5 Warning Signs of Stalkting Behavior>

How about foreign cases? In foreign countries, they are perceived as a serious crime and are strongly punished.

Germany has created a separate law on punishment for stalking crimes in 2007, protecting the victims, and the United States has enacted anti-stalking laws in all states since the 1990s. And since 1998, the United States has included cyber stalking as a crime that can also be punished.

Despite strong punishment, however, crime caused by stalking has been occurring steadily, and celebrities overseas have also suffered stalking damage.

No-one is unsafe crime, stalking

Steven Spielberg/ American filmmaker

Spielberg has received more than 1,000 calls from a male stalker and has been physically threatened from time to time. This man was eventually arrested, and after he was arrested, he made people astonished by saying, “I tried to rape Spielberg.”

No-one is unsafe crime, stalking

Madonna/ American singer-songwriter

Madonna was threatened by the stalker “I will kill you if you do not marry me”. The stalker eventually broke into Madonna’s house and was arrested only after being shot by a bodyguard.

No-one is unsafe crime, stalking

Ronald Reagan/ 40th U.S. President

The killer who tried to shoot Reagan President was actor Jodie Foster’s stalker.

No-one is unsafe crime, stalking

In addition, John Lennon, a member of the Beatles, and Gianni Versace, an Italian fashion designer, were shot dead by a stalker.

In many cases, stalking is targeted at women and the damage also tends to be more violent than men. So if you are stalked by someone, it’s safe to carry easy-to-use self-defense items all the time.

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  • In Korea, ‘stalking’ is a very light misdemeanor. However, there are many cruel and terrible cases of stalking that should be classified as violent crime.
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