Pickup line your girlfriend might like.

Note: If you are single, do not look at this post.

Every woman wants to be praised by someone she loves. So is your girlfriend. If you are a boyfriend who is usually blunt and unexpressed, remember the following pickup line. If you use it at the right time, you may be able to impress your girlfriend.

However, it can cause adverse effects, so use some caution.


Do you have twin sisters?


Then you should be the most beautiful in the world.


Did you hear that? Hershey chocolate might be damn.


you are so sweet.


If I snow as much as I love you, spring will never come.


Are not you tired?


You are walking around in my head all day.


If you come at 4PM, I’ll start to be happy at 3PM.


Never diet.


I do not want you to lose a 1g of your body.


What are you doing right now?

Listen to music.

What music?

Your voice.

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