Programs that can be created in the Java language

Java applications

A Java application is a general application program that can be executed alone on a PC or the like.

Java Applet

A Java applet is a program that can not be executed by itself and runs on a web browser. The Java applet program can provide a simple GUI environment for web users.

Java Servlet

A Java Servlet is a program that acts as a server program running on a Web server. Used in a project linked with DB of web server.

JSP(Java Server Page)

JSP is a technology that combines Java code with HTML. It is a Java Servlet-based technology that processes requests from a Web server and displays the results to the user.

Java Beans

Java Beans is a kind of program code block that can be reused as a component written in Java.

Mobile applications

Java is also used to develop embedded or Android and Java ME applications.

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