Sensitive people have their own 15 characteristics.

Psychologist Dr. Elaine Aaron said “sensitivity is genetic.” Sensitive people are misunderstood and hated by others because of their sensitive nature.

What are the characteristics of sensitive people in general? If you know the characteristics of sensitive people, it will not be difficult to live with them.

Sensitive people

1. They keep asking what happened to their friend.

Sensitive people are sensitive to other people’s emotional changes. So even if your friend tells you it’s okay, he says, “Tell me what’s going on.”

2. They enjoy exercising alone.

Sensitive people tend to avoid exercising together because many people feel that they are watching everyone. The ideal exercise for them is a self exercise that can be done in the home or in the space of your own.

3. They need their own space when they work.

Sensitive people prefer telecommuting. If you need to work in the office, you need to have your own space divided into bulkhead to increase your productivity.

4. It is difficult to say “No”.

Sensitive people are worried that their opponents will be hurt by their words. So they can not say the rejection or objection. If they refuse, they will worry about it.

5. They feel the emotion of the drama hero vividly.

Sensitive people sympathize with the words of the characters in dramas, movies, and books and understand the feelings they feel.

6. They are overly polite.

Sensitive people are good at manners. They always say “Thank you” because they do not want to offend people. But this is what they do for themselves, not their opponent.

7. It is not easy to decide.

Sensitive people do not like to fail or regret. So they tend not to be able to make a decision easily, even when they choose what they want to eat.

8. They seek perfection.

Sensitive people do not want to tolerate one-sided mistakes. They especially pay more attention to what is given to them because they want to fulfill someone’s expectations.

9. Observation power is excellent.

Sensitive people are very meticulous in nature, so they quickly recognize small changes. Sometimes They also talk about things we do not want to talk about, which makes us embarrassed.

10. They feel the fear well.

Sensitive people respond more sensitively to violence and scary scenes when they watch the same movie. When they see such a movie, they get the feeling that it will happen to themselves.

11. They hate loud sounds.

Sensitive people hate noise extremely. They react very sensitively to the noise levels that ordinary people can tolerate.

12. They often feel pain in their whole body.

Sensitive people feel headache, muscle aches, joint pain or helplessness more often and more strongly than normal people. People around them often worry about their condition.

13. They prefer soft lighting.

Sensitive people prefer moderate dim lighting. For them, the soft lighting is less tired to the eyes and makes the mind warmer.

14. They like creative activities.

Sensitive people get away from the stereotypes and enjoy creative activities. They are especially good at paying attention to all senses, and they has outstanding talent in painting, music, writing and more.

15. They have a similar person in their family.

There is also a person in the family who is definitely sensitive. Sensibility is hereditary.

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