The main components that make up Android

Activity, Service, Broadcast Receiver, and Content Provider are the four components of Android. In addition to the main components, there is an element called an Intent. An intent is a message component that connects components organically.

Android 4 major components

  • Activity

    An activity is a component of the user interface screen.

  • Service

    A service is a component that runs in the background and does not have a visual user interface.

  • Broadcast Receiver

    A broadcast receiver is a component that receives or responds to specific broadcasts, such as low battery and language setting changes, and does not have a visual user interface.

  • Content Provider

    A content provider is a component that provides a standardized interface for sharing data between applications.

Other Android Components

  • Intent

    An intent is a message component that delivers actions or data to a component.

  • Intent Filter

    An intent filter is a component that serves to define an intent that can be received.

  • Notification

    Notifications are components that notify users of specific events.

  • Fragment

    Fragments are UI components that can operate independently within an activity.

    Fragments have been added since Android 3.0 (API Level 11). Fragments are not part of the Android view and are difficult to see in the four components, but since Android 3.0, they have become a highly utilized component that can be thought of as a core component of an Android application.

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