Android notifications: toast, status bar, dialog

Notifications are a means of notifying users of events that occur in an application. The Toast, Status Bar, and Dialog can be used to notify the event. Toast and dialog are also called popup messages.


Toast is a message box on the bottom of the smartphone screen. Using toast temporarily covers the screen you are viewing. So it’s a good idea to use it when you have information that you need to tell us right away.

Status Bar

The status bar is a small box that contains small icons at the top of the smartphone screen. This small box displays SMS, application installation, and email reception status as icons. Slide down to see more details.

The status bar is used to indicate what information the user needs to know. It is not important, but it does let you know that there is a message for you to check later.


Dialog is a way to display a message by opening a dialog window at the center of the screen. The dialog box covers a large area of screen, so it is used when user’s decision is absolutely necessary.

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