Richard Branson says that ideas for top business tend to come from personal experience. There are many great ideas that come up in different ways, but the ideas that emerge through direct experience are very important.

Why are ideas coming from direct experience important? The reasons are as follows.

Personal relevance creates a commitment to the business.

If you decide to do business through some experience, it is probably a complaint about the goods or services you have experienced.In other words, you want to solve the dissatisfaction with the product.

And in the process of solving the dissatisfaction, you will have naturally enthusiasm.

But the business that started with an idea that came up suddenly after browsing the Internet differs from the passion for solving the problem. At first I will start with enthusiasm, but I may regret it soon.

The idea that you get from the Internet is that you can not create enthusiasm or deep think about solving problems.

Passion is essential to entrepreneurs.

Without an entrepreneurial enthusiasm, you will not be able to overcome the many challenges of business.

Business is like a roller coaster.

The first time you start your business, you feel like you can do anything. But at some point you may feel confused and even want to give up everything.

Nothing will be like what you thought.

But if I have experience or are familiar with it, you will have the courage to overcome that difficulty.

Even if you do not do business, anyone can think of ideas. But it is really hard to keep it cool in the process of making that idea real.

It is very difficult to keep cool while solving them, especially if certain problems arise. If you lose your coolness, your senses become dull.

It is also important to keep your senses sharp.

Try to look at a business from a customer perspective. Such efforts sharpen the senses.

Have a solid advantage when you compete.

When Richard Branson first started the Virgin Hotel, he thought there would be a market for a model that combined great service with a unique relationship with people.

The reason is that he has stayed in hundreds of hotels over the years and learned exactly what he likes and dislikes as a customer.

So he focused on small details that made a big difference and eventually found the competitive advantage of ‘Virgin’.

The competitive advantage of Virgin was that they knew what their customers want and provide it.

It was a small part, but it was able to provide a level of service that rivals could not offer.

You need to know what your customer base is.

A business based on personal experience has the advantage of knowing that there are customers to buy what you want to sell.

We can easily communicate with our customers through our experience.

It ultimately makes it a better position for customers to specifically provide what they want.

Even a small group of customers can build a loyal regional base that is relevant to your business.

Ideas must be constantly polished.

Opportunity is like a bus. If you miss one bus, you can take the next bus. You do not have to be disappointed that you missed one chance. Soon the next opportunity will come.

We can take the opportunity at any time. The important thing is to recognize that opportunity.

Just as you have to take the bus to take you to your destination, you have to identify and catch the right opportunity to lead you to success.

This post was written with reference to Richard Branson’s “Richard Branson: The Importance of Personal Experience.

This article refers to the following article. Branson: The Importance of Personal Experience.

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