The characteristics of the poor people that Alibaba Group President Marwin says.

Jack Ma, chairman of the Alibaba Group, says he does not want to work with the “poor”. Of course, it does not mean people who are really poor and difficult.

Jack Ma, chairman of the Alibaba Group

The poor people he says are:

  • ‘The Poor’ thinks that if something is given for free, there will be a trick.
  • ‘The poor’ complains that if you tell them about a small business you can not get enough money and if you tell them about a big business you have no money.
  • ‘The poor’ say that they are not experienced when they say to try something new and they say that competition is fierce when they talk about traditional business.
  • ‘The poor’ blames it as a multi-stage business if you tell them about new business.
  • ‘The poor’ says to start a new business and says there is no specialist.

They have something in common. They like to search on Google and do not read books. They enjoy talking to people who have no hope. They also try to think more than university professors, but they do not work more than the blind.

Their life is ending with waiting. They Wait for the perfect time to start your business and wait for the right time to study. They always wait for it and it ends.

They wait so long and grow old.

They just sit back and think, and finally they can not do anything and get old. It is just as important to think about doing something and actually challenging it.

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