Industrial Classification and Feature (6) – Pharmaceutical and bio industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is largely divided into raw materials and complete pharmaceuticals. Complete pharmaceuticals are divided into generic drugs and specialty drugs. Due to their low sensitivity to variables such as economy, oil prices, and exchange rates, they are defensive.

The pharmaceutical industry is a representative economic defensive industry and has high growth potential. It is also influenced by changes in the demographic structure and can benefit from increased medical demand due to the aging population.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the ability to develop new drugs is important. In recent years, there has been an increase in the development of new drugs using biotechnology, and some companies are making progress in the generic field as a result of patent expiration of existing blockbuster drugs.

Bio Industry

The bio-industry is a high-value-added industrial type. It is a 21st century industry that produces useful substances by enhancing or improving the inherent functions of organisms or their possessions. In addition to pharmaceuticals, active research is being conducted in the fields of chemistry, food, and textiles.

The bio-industry is based on technologies such as gene recombination technology, cell fusion technology, mass culture technology, and bioreactor technology. In particular, genomic recombination technology has been put to practical use in the production of interferon, which is used for the treatment of insulin and cancer, which is effective for diabetes.

Representative stocks in the pharmaceutical and bio industries(KOSPI/KOSDAQ)

  • Leading Companies: 유한양행, 한미약품, 동아제약, 녹십자, LG생명과학, 대웅제약, 부광약품, 종근당 etc.
  • Second Companies: 일양약품, 동화약품, 광동제약, 환인제약 etc.
  • Bio companies: 셀트리온, 셀트리온 제약, 신라젠, 아이진, 메디톡스, 제넥신, 녹십자셀, 코오롱 생명과학, 에이치엘비, 에이치엘비 생명과학 etc.

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