Industrial Classification And Feature (8) – IT industry

Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is divided into semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor equipment, and semiconductor materials. In the semiconductor industry, the prices of semiconductors and the price elasticity of demand are key indicators.

The semiconductor industry is heavily influenced by the supply and demand of semiconductors and is a business sensitive industry. It is also a capital intensive device industry where economies of scale arise. As technology develops and semiconductor integration increases, the cost can be lowered and cost competitiveness can be obtained.

The semiconductor industry has variables that affect the supply sector such as capital investment, wafer size, process technology, density, yield, and other variables that affect the demand sector, such as sector-specific shipments growth and memory load. The semiconductor industry is also benefiting when the exchange rate rises. The higher the proportion of memory semiconductors, the greater the volatility of profitability.

Representative stocks in the semiconductor industry(KOSPI/KOSDAQ)

  • Forward Industry: 삼성전자, SK하이닉스, DB하이텍
  • Rear industry: 주성엔지니어링, 피에스케이, 신성이엔지, 원익IPS, 에이티테크놀러지, 유니테스트, 이오테크닉스, 디아이, 심텍, 대덕전자, 덕산하이메탈, 엠케이전자, 동진세미켐, 솔브레인, 후성 etc.

Display Industry

The display industry is also referred to as the information display industry, and includes CRT, TFT-LCD, PDP, LED and AMOLED.

The display industry is a cyclical industry that is highly affected by the economy and is a growth industry that replaces existing devices. It is also a capital-intensive device industry like semiconductors. The display industry is able to cope with the market situation more flexibly than the semiconductor industry because of the short payback period and relatively high proportion of variable costs.

The display industry is affected by equipment investment spending and supply in the supply sector, and is influenced by downstream demand, price elasticity, and product trends in the demand side such as PC and TV. In addition, profitability is affected by price, price elasticity, exchange rate, and cost saving rate.

Representative stocks in the display industry(KOSPI/KOSDAQ)

  • 삼성전자, LG디스플레이, 한솔테크닉스, 티엘아이, 우리이티아이, DMS, 케이씨텍 etc.

Electrical and Electronics Industry

The electrical and electronics industry refers to the IT set and parts industry, excluding semiconductors and displays. Major products include mobile phones, LCD TVs, and digital cameras. Major components include MLCCs, LEDs, and rechargeable batteries.

The characteristics of the electric and electronic industry are the growth industries that are growing with the advancement of advanced technologies, and are highly sensitive to the economy. In the case of semiconductors and LCDs, product prices are important, but in the case of electric and electronic products, shipments and product mixes will have an impact on earnings.

The electrical and electronics industry is highly resilient to demand and price competition is severe. In addition, trends change fast, and life cycle is short. There are big differences in the seasons and they are also influenced by international events such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

The electrical and electronics industry may be affected by the expansion of the demand base for premium products and ultra-low-priced products, the low prices due to the recession, and the convergence with smart phones, automobiles, and medical care.

Representative stocks in the electrical and electronics industry(KOSPI/KOSDAQ)

  • Set Supplier: LG전자, 한화테크윈, 아이디스 etc.
  • Parts suppliers: 삼성전기, 삼성SDI, LG이노텍 etc.
  • Wire/equipment manufacturer: LS, 대한전선, LS산전, 일진전기 etc.

Mobile Phone Industry

The mobile phone industry is a consumer-friendly industry. Korea has an oligopolistic market structure centered on the top five companies and has a fast product cycle.

The mobile phone industry is an industry that is highly sensitive to changes in demand and fluctuations in demand, which are directly related to increased consumption. Major industries such as Samsung, LG, and Apple account for more than 70% of the global market.

Representative stocks in the mobile phone industry(KOSPI/KOSDAQ)

  • External parts: 인탑스, 피앤텔, 태양씨앤엘, 유아이엘, EMW, 삼성전기, 삼성전자, 서울반도체, 루미마이크로, LG이노텍, KH바텍, 삼성SDI, LG화학, 파워로직스, 이랜텍, 이엘케이, 에스맥, 시노펙스, etc.
  • Built-in parts: 삼성전기, 아모텍, 모다이노칩, 시너지이노베이션, LG이노텍, 인터플렉스, 대덕전자, 대덕GDS, 삼성전자, SK하이닉스 etc.
  • Camera module: 삼성전기, 한화테크윈, LG이노텍, 파트론, 자화전자, 삼성전자, 픽셀플러스, 세코닉스 etc.

Internet Industry

The Internet industry is a platform business developed on the basis of high-speed Internet, and it covers all business areas based on traffic. In the early days of the Internet industry, there were no entry barriers, but now the barriers to entry are forming.

The Internet industry is characterized by its ability to provide services for all fields such as newspapers, broadcasting, magazines, markets, telephones, game rooms, clubs, dictionaries, financial information and real estate, or to dramatically reduce transaction costs, There is. But traffic is important to internet industry, and if you do not have traffic, it’s hard to make money.

Representative stocks in the Internet industry(KOSPI/KOSDAQ)

  • NAVER, 카카오, 엔씨소프트, 넷마블게임즈 etc.

Game Industry

The game industry is characterized by the growth of its services, rather than the sale of its products. If you succeed in the service, you can enjoy high operating profit.

The game industry is a major entertainment industry where investment is made in advance and success are dependent on user participation. You can enjoy high operating profit if you set the service successfully with the cost structure based on the fixed cost. Online games are classified as services rather than products, and they are business-insensitive industries that are not related to economic fluctuations. However, if overseas exports are smooth, growth potential can be added to profit.

Representative stocks in the game industry(KOSPI/KOSDAQ)

  • 엔씨소프트, 네오위즈, 와이디온라인, 컴투스, 게임빌, 액토즈소프트, 웹젠, 한빛소프트 etc.

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