Success requires a solid basic.

If you give it up right now, your success will never come.

Numerous people around us want to succeed. Everyone wants to succeed and strive for success.

But will such efforts really lead us to success? Can we have succeeded if you just try hard unconditionally or randomly?

Maybe we’re just thinking in vain? We may be pursuing the illusion of success.

Unfortunately, such blind efforts do not lead us to the ultimate goal of success.

We read a lot of books about success, but we do not know how to succeed. Successful people say they have succeeded because they have done what they want to do and have worked hard to do well.

“What do you want to do right now, when you quit your job?”

If someone suddenly asked you this question and you can answer that question right away, you might be ready. But if you can not answer, you might not yet have a ‘solid basic’.

Desiring to have success without having a ‘basic’ is just like winning the 1st prize without buying a lottery ticket.

You need to have a solid fundamentals in order to do what you want to do. Of course, there are more people who ignore the ‘basics’ than we think. And they choose different methods to achieve goals faster, easier.

But success can be achieved much faster with a solid basic. ‘solid basic’ can only be completed through time and experience.

Everyone who challenges the dream wants to be the best in his field. However, there are many times when you are tired of daily work and are tired and do not do “daily efforts”.

A great genius artist, Michelangelo, said that his paintings would not look so great if people knew how much he practiced. Even this great artist has made every effort to be the best. Even Michelangelo has made every effort with his desire to achieve his dream every day.

There is no right answer to success. So it is important that you find your own way, your own “solid basic”.

In order to be the best planner, you have to practice finding the essence of the problem every day. To be a top athlete, you need to stay in good condition every day and learn how to avoid being injury.

In other words, everyone has a “My Way” that is right for them. There is no guarantee that the method someone else has tried will not give me the same result.

You do not have to listen to irresponsible words like “Do what you want to do” or “Challenge your dreams once”. You should not just look at the outcome of someone who has already succeeded and follow that way. We have to look at the harsh process of success.

A person with a solid basic is a person who is truly ability. Anyone with true ability can overcome any difficulties.

Sometimes you can see lucky people. But their luck does not last long. The tower that pillar-shaking will eventually collapse.

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