Success can not be easily achieved.

Many people choose their business as a way to achieve success. And they are struggling to get quick results with various marketing and strategies.

But many of them easily give up business soon. Their reason is that they did not get the desired results “easily”. They do this excuse.

“I could not it more because I did not have enough money.” or “The marketing strategy was good, but I was not lucky.”

Those who have started the business for the first time hope for rapid growth. And they believe it can be done achieve easily.

They learn the latest marketing strategies for rapid growth and apply the latest designs. And they look forward to the results.

However, unlike expectations, there is no dramatic success. They are very disappointed and try a few more such attempts and eventually give up. And they comfort themselves by saying that they was just not lucky.

Are they really no lucky?

I have a friend who is doing business. He has been in business for two years now and is making a good profit. The business has stabilized, and there are a few employees. On weekends, he enjoy leisure time by traveling to places where he want to go.

People around this friend always say:

“He has a lot of luck. I would have been able to grow my business if I had better lucky too.”

“He seems to be easily successful because of a good idea.”

They all look at the present and evaluate. But the beginning of his business was not easy. It was not luckier than others, nor was it a good idea. Even when I started the business for the first time, my income was zero. Everyone around him said that the business would fail.

From some moment, he started to raise profits a little bit. But still, revenue was less than $ 100 a month. So did he give up the business?

He continued to run the business for months without revenues and invested more than 18 hours every day in the business. He had to go to work on foot every day to save the transportation expenses because he was no money.

He would have felt despair every day. it is a business that has already begun, he may have had to be forced. After all, he did not give up and eventually succeeded.

Others who complained that the business did not deliver as much as he thought, chose to give up, but he did more hard.

Many people are obsessed with the results. They do not think about the efforts that have been made to create that success. They have a vague expectation that they will succeed someday like a movie or a drama.

They say this:

“I do not want to spend too much time in the business. I have invested a lot of time in my job and now I want to live a little more relaxed life.”

“I just started my business and it does not seem as good as I thought. I have less income than when I work. I do not want to continue doing hard work without income.”

Even a business that started with the best ideas could not earn a 1 dollar at first.

Many people do not understand that you have to spend a lot of time in your business. They are afraid. It is the fear that the more their business grow, the more they will have to spend more time.

However, my friend who worked 18 hours every day, now does not exceed 40 hours every week. Of course, he enjoy traveling and doing what he want during my spare time.

If you want to get results in a short period of time through your business, think about the time and effort you really need to put in place for that achievement.

Effort to show it to someone is like wasting time. If you decide to invest time and effort for something, you should do your best for that time.

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