What is the most important factor of success?

The factor of success are so diverse. Someone say that diligence is a factor of success, and someone say trust is a factor of success. For someone, it is a habit of note, and for someone a wide range of relationships is a factor of success. Many people try to have things called “factor of success” for success.

However, there are more important factor of success than all of these factors. It’s “GRIT”.

Grit refers to patience or spirit. However, American psychologist Angela Duckworth added the meaning of Growth, Resilience, Intrinsic motivation, and Tenacity to each spelling to make the word GRIT more clear.

Professor Angela Duckworth believed that GRIT played a crucial role in driving success and achievement. In other words, I thought it was important to “fighting spirit” something. it means boldness and persistence without discouraging.

That is what GRIT says by Professor Angela Duckworth, “passion” and “patience”. Why is this so important to success?

She studied young children and adults who were in a very difficult situation. Her researchers have studied at the US Army Military Academy to see which some cadets survive military training and which students in the national spelling contest will survive the competition to the end. In addition, we studied who among the first-time teachers assigned to the problem schools will not give up until the end of the semester, which salesmen survived and the best seller.

How was the result?

There was one common characteristic among those who could predict success in the various situations she studied. The characteristics were not excellent social intelligence, good looks, and physical conditions. Of course, it was not an excellent IQ.

What they had in common was “fighting spirit”. They all had “enthusiasm”, “tenacity” and “endurance” that could go a long way towards their goal. They were all trying to achieve their goals over the years, not months.

Success is not a sprint but a marathon.

As Angela Duckworth said in her study, “steady” is the most important factor in success.

We know that failure is not the end. Because you know that failure is not the end, you can challenge with a “fighting spirit” and have a “faith” of success. And we are moving forward so little by little.

This article refers to the following article.

https://www.ted.com/talks/angela_lee_duckworth_grit_the_power_of_passion_and_perseverance#Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

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