What does the 2018 inter-Korean summit mean for Korea?

April 27, 2018, 9:30 am. There will be an inter-Korean summit that will be a historical event globally.

Panmunjeom DMZ

The venue for the 2018 inter-Korean summit is Panmunjeom in Korea. Panmunjeom is a historical place that has served as a symbol of division and an outlet for dialogue in Korea. Panmunjeom is where the truce negotiations of the Korean War were held. It is now designated as a joint security zone (JSA) jointly guarded by UN forces and North Korean troops. On the map, it is about 52km away from Seoul in Korea and 147km away from Pyongyang in North Korea.

This is not the first summit meeting between the two countries at the Panmunjeom.

In 2000, President Kim Dae Jung met with North Korean leader Kim Jong - il

In 2000, President Kim Dae Jung met with North Korean leader Kim Jong – il to discuss the issue of separated families, economic and social issues.

In 2007, President Roh Moo - hyun and Chairman Kim Jong - il met to discuss

In 2007, President Roh Moo – hyun and Chairman Kim Jong – il met to discuss the issue of the end of the war and the North – South joint project.

2018 inter-Korean summit

And in the 2018 inter-Korean summit, it is expected that the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, the establishment of permanent peace, and the progress of inter-Korean relations will be important.

Looking briefly at the announcement of the 2018 inter-Korean summit, Kim Jong Eun will arrive at Panmunjeom on the morning of April 27 and move to the house of peace. Here, the historic first meeting with President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea will be broadcast live all over the world. After that, it is expected to hold a formal reception and a summit and welcome banquet.

In particular, this summit is a historic event where the best leader of North Korea visit South Korea for the first time ever. 460 media outlets in 41 countries around the world are already registered. Finally, more than 3,000 reporters are expected to visit.

In particular, the summit will lead to the North American summit in May, so expectations for the outcome are huge. As a result of this summit, a milestone in the peaceful resolution of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and the peaceful settlement of the Korean peninsula, which the international community hopes and supports, may be created.

If the 2018 inter-Korean summit is successfully held, a strong foundation for peace on the Korean Peninsula will be established.

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