Xiaomi’s new strategic brand Pocophone F1

Pocophone is a new brand launched by Xiaomi in India. poco is the Italian word for meaning “little, few”. Jai Mani, general manager of poco global, introduces the meaning of poco as follows.

A big dream stemming from a small hope.

Pocophone F1, which Xiaomi first introduced under the brand poco, has received a lot of attention due to its excellent price-performance ratio that matches the brand’s meaning.

In fact, this is not the first time Xiaomi has used a price-performance ratio strategy. The Pocophone F1, however, is a bit more extreme. First, let’s look at the specification of Pocophone F1.

pocophone f1 spec
source: Poco global website

The specification of the Pocophone F1 is not less than the $1000 flagship smartphone that competitors sell. But the price is less than $500. In fact, the Pocophone F1 is equipped with QUALCOMM Snapdragon 845 process, 6GB of RAM, 4,000mAh high capacity battery supporting Quick Charge 3.0, Sony IMX363 image sensor of 1.4μm pixel size, etc.

If you look at the specifications released by Xiaomi, there seems to be no shortage in terms of specifications. Especially, in case of camera, 5 million pixel camera was applied to the rear side, but it can be seen that 20 million pixel camera was applied to the front side, aiming at “Selfie people” which is a lot of self photographing.

Although it supports infrared face recognition, its security level is limited. The display uses a 2246×1080 6.18-inch LCD with a notch and weighs 182g.

The Android version is 8.1 and is scheduled to be upgraded to 9.0 in the fourth quarter.

The above specs and the price that does not reach $500 are really attractive. And the basic package includes a soft case and a power adapter that supports Quick Charge 3.0, a fast charging technology.

Of course, there is also a point that is somewhat unsatisfactory. Pocophone F1 used a plastic case for an affordable price. And it does not include waterproof, dustproof, wireless charging or NFC. It is natural to think about the price.

Besides, the camera does not support OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) and does not support 4K/60FPS filming.

Finally, let’s look at software. Pocophone F1 does not support Google Widevine DRM L1, which manages content copyright. So you can not play paid streaming content with resolutions exceeding 480p, such as Netflix or Google Play Movies.

However, as you can see from the announcement that it had many topics globally at the same time, the price-performance ratio of the Pocophone F1 is excellent throughout the globe too.

If you’re looking for a smartphone that’s cheap but not lacks in performance, the Pocophone F1 will be a satisfying device. In particular, if you are a consumer who wants to have one more smartphone for games, Pocophone F1 will be the most suitable product.

  • Steel Blue
  • Graphite Black
  • Rosso Red
  • Armored Edition

The Pocophone F1 is available in two models, 64GB + 6GB and 128GB + 6GB, The color can be selected from Steel Blue, Graphite Black, Rosso Red, Armored Edition.

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